Our Story

3nomic.com was founded in 2014 by Fami & Mokhriz – IT Engineers who were envisioned betterment of technology implementation among small & medium businesses. From these visions, they have developed several solutions for businesses – driven by principles of robust solutions, enough by user experiences and cost-flexibles – where those to fulfill the gap based from their research. These values have been demanded for growth and extension – where from that point, 3nomic.com has developed various kind of solutions and integrations and finally has marked their legislation as registered company in 2016.

Mission & Vision

We are believes that everyone – including businesses, organizations shall be given a sufficient information, opportunities and consultation regarding in transforming their operation to be digitally driven- where this to cover on both tools & paradigm in their operation – by reaching their objectives in better efficiency, productivity and consistencies. Hence, this transformation shall be taken in accordance by their capacity, goals and proper synchronization with the standard references. Our mission – is only to brings out the proper digitization in any possible technologies, with core considerations to standards, security and capability of any organization.

Meet the team

Mokhriz Mohammed
Product manager / automation engineer

Haqimmi Hakiem
Creative Design

Security analyst